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The user interface is one of the essential parts of a website. A well-prepared interface and appearance make the site more trustworthy for clients. So, front-end development does precisely that. Therefore, it's imperative to hire front-end developers to upgrade your site or product. To make you sure about Ukrainian front-end developers, we've been using such services and sites as SalaryExpert, Glassdoor,, and to discover ukrainian developers' salaries.

1. Comparing USA states' front-end developers' salaries

The USA is one of the best countries in terms of software development. Due to HackerRank, which showed that Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, and Minnesota are the best states for front-end developers to work, here we will show you salaries in these states on Graph 1. According to data on Glassdoor, the average front-end developer salary in Colorado is $81K per year. Meanwhile, Virginia developers get $86K a year, Oregon devs get $82K. And finally, front-end developers from Minnesota get almost $86K/year.
Front-end developer salaries by USA states | Infosoft
Graph 1. Front-end developer salaries by USA states (Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, Minnesota)

2. Comparing front-end developers' salaries by countries (Switzerland, USA, Bulgaria, Ukraine)

Now, let's compare the salaries of front-end developers in different countries. As a research tool, we've used SalaryExpert and Ukrainian wages). We'll consider four of them: Switzerland, the USA, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Take a look at Graph 2. As we can see, Swiss front-end developers earn $92.7K a year. American average developer's salaries are less - $88.5K. We can see a considerable difference between Bulgaria and the US' salaries - Bulgarian devs earn 23 thousand dollars a year. Ukrainian front-end developers' salaries are the lowest in the graph - $17.7K!
Front-end developer salaries by countries | Infosoft
Graph 2. Front-end developer salaries by countries (USA, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Ukraine)

3. Comparing developers' salaries by countries and JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js)

Pay attention to Graph 3. This situation is similar to back-end development. Salaries of Vue.js developers are meager in Switzerland but much higher in the USA. Also, as you can see, Ukraine has almost the lowest prices for hiring developers. Given the high level and achievements of engineers, this price is quite favorable.
Front-end developers salary comparison by countries and JS frameworks | Infosoft
Graph 3. Front-end developers salary comparison by countries and JS frameworks(React, Angular, Vue)
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