Reasons for hiring Ukrainian developers

Due to a big jump in popularity, IT-outsourcing in Ukraine has become a very developed and leading direction in Europe. Also, in Ukraine, there are about 200 thousand experienced specialists in the IT industry, and technical education is highly developed.

Ukrainian engineers have mastered new technologies like Go, AI, Blockchain, etc., which gave them 5th place among the best IT engineers in the world. Interesting fact: companies like Microsoft and Apple prefer outsourcing in Ukraine.

Over the past years, Ukraine has consistently held high positions in the IT outsourcing niche. Indeed, Business Insider ranked Ukraine 4th among all other recognized outsourcing destinations in the world. That is a giant leap from 24th in the 2017 Kearney rankings.

In this article, we will consider the reasons for hiring IT engineers from Ukraine.

Reasons for hiring Ukrainian IT devs

  • 1. Ukraine is one of the best IT outsourcing markets in CEE
    In the context of global isolation in 2021, the Ukrainian IT industry demonstrates 20% growth and generates more than $ 6 billion in profit.

    According to the PWC report, Ukraine ranks 5th among the 25 largest exporters of IT services. In 2017, the local software development community grew by 27%. Currently, over 200,000 developers work in outsourcing in Ukraine.

    Ukrainian developers are ranked 5th among the best software developers globally, with an average of 93.17%. In Europe, Ukrainian software developers rank 4th (SkillValue Report 2019).

  • 2. Ukrainian engineers work in many programming languages
    Look at the Graph 1 below. Ukrainian software developers have experience in various technologies, the most popular programming languages(as main language) in 2021 how you can see are JavaScript(22,0%), C#/.NET(15,8%), Java(14,9%), PHP(10,4%), TypeScript(9,8%), Python(6,1%), and others(21,0%).
Main Ukrainian engineers' programming languages(in percents) | Infosoft
Graph 1. Number of specialists with their main programming languages in percents(summer 2021 survey)
  • 3. More than 80% of Ukrainian engineers speak at least Intermediate English
    Pay attention at the Graph 2 under this bullet. According to survey data in summer 2021 on, 37,4% of engineers in Ukraine speak Intermediate English, 39,5% have mastered Upper-Intermediate, and 9,0% speak English freely - they have the Advanced level of English.
English level of Ukrainian devs(in percents) | Infosoft
Graph 2. English level of Ukrainian developers(summer 2021 survey)
  • 4. 40 hours of work a week and fewer holidays
    Like the average full-time employee in the United States (37.5 hours), in Ukraine, most developers in outsourcing companies spend 40 to 60 hours a week at work. In Germany, the average full-time employee works 32.77 hours per week, while it works 36.04 hours per week in the UK.

    There are only 11 generally accepted public holidays in Ukraine. Whereas in other Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, there are at least 13 paid public holidays, while in Bulgaria, their number reaches 19 days.
  • 5. Price/Quality ratio
    Compared to Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic, Ukraine offers more competitive rates for programming outsourcing and a much larger tech talent pool. The average hourly rate for software development is within the $25–50 range, with the average software developer salary being between $1,400 and $3,300 per month (excluding taxes and social contributions).

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Ukraine is a good location for outsourcing software development due to its large pool of highly skilled developers, favorable business climate, and cost-effective rates.
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