Back-end developers salary comparison

This article will show you the average back-end developer salaries based on criteria such as level of knowledge, experience, geolocation, and skills. We'll take the information and data from popular sites -, Payscale, and Glassdoor. They will help us do a more detailed study of developer salaries. Also, we'll compare back-end developer salaries in different countries and Ukraine as well.

1. Back-end developers salary comparison by US states

The USA is one of the most developed countries in the IT field worldwide. In this part, we will compare the salaries of back-end engineers from different states, and then we will analyze how salary depends on location. First, let's consider average salaries by US states using data from Glassdoor. Then, we've prepared a bar graph (Graph 1) based on our research results.
According to data on Glassdoor, the average back-end developer in California earns $152K/year.
New York State showed that a New York State developers' salary is around $141K/year.
Using, we've discovered that the average salary of back-end developers in Texas is around $138K.
Salaries of Washingtonian back-end developers are almost as Californian - $151K/year.
Back-end developer salaries by USA states | Infosoft
Graph 1. Back-end developer salaries by USA states (Califormia, NY State, Texas, Washington)

2. Back-end developer salary comparison by countries
(in the year)

Now we will compare developers' salaries from different countries using our bar graph (Graph 2): USA, UK, Poland, and Ukraine. For this research, we've used SalaryExpert and its database.

The average back-end developer salary in the UK is £53 961, equal to $73790,32.

For the USA, we've chosen the average salary for ALL states. So, the average USA back-end developer salary is equal to $100 692,23.

The following country is Poland. Poland has a not bad position as a business destination in Eastern Europe. SalaryExpert indicates that Poland's average back-end developer salary is $37 398,68 (145 403 zł).

Now, let's take a look at costs which are earned by software developers from Ukraine. They are equal to $19 891,19. (541 709 ₴)

Comparison of back-end developes in UK, USA, Poland and Ukraine | Infosoft
Graph 2. Comparison of back-end developes in UK, USA, Poland and Ukraine

3. Developer salary comparison by countries and programming languages (Python, Ruby & PHP)

Shall we compare salaries by country and programming languages that are popular in back-end development? It's Python, Ruby, and PHP. Look at Graph 3 and consider Ruby; here's an unusual moment - Ruby developers cost more in the UK than Python, for example. But if we concentrate on another country, we can see that Ruby's bar is lower than the others. It happens with all programming languages today. In every country, different programmers needed. Ukrainian developers' salaries are changing regarding programming languages too, but in comparison by other countries will be cost-efficient for a long time.
Python, PHP and Ruby developers' salaries comparison | Infosoft
Graph 3. Python, PHP and Ruby developers' salaries comparison

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