Pros and cons of WordPress

WordPress has been getting extremely popular for the last few years. WordPress is confidently leading the Internet as the most widely used content management system (CMS) today. If you have plans to create a new website, you need to examine all the pros and cons of different CMS. In this article, we will look at the positive and negative aspects of the WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress

  • WordPress is free
    The essential WordPress software is always free, including regular updates and security fixes. WordPress is open source software created by thousands of developers around the world. Thanks to this, the whole cycle of improvements and updates is more active than on other platforms offered by the companies. WordPress is free to install and comes with very cost-effective 1-click hosting plans.
  • Big themes repository
    WordPress has a vast repository of themes offered free of charge, which may be installed instantly through the admin dashboard. Free themes are white-labeled and may be used without footer messages or any quiet advertisements. Most of the themes are responsive and align appropriately in mobile devices without the necessity of additional setup.
  • WordPress sites support mobile devices
    Now, an enormous part of websites is browsed by mobile devices, making your site as responsive as possible to various devices is critical to your success. Most of WordPress's designs and themes are responsive. Using this market-leading CMS means you'll be ready to automatically enjoy emergent responsive web technology without having to make new websites every now then.
  • Easy site updating
    You can easily update your site wherever you are. With WordPress and little knowledge of web development, you can make essential changes to the site if it's necessary.
  • SEO plugins
    There are many SEO plugins in the WordPress repository, which can help you optimize your site and content, add metatags, and much more. And one more thing - these plugins are free. It makes WordPress the best platform for SEO at the moment.
  • Open-source
    WordPress is a platform with open source. A lot of themes and plugins are under the GPLv2 license and are open-source. By that, programmers can change WordPress code and share it with other people. The sharing of code can help you save a lot of time developing and optimizing a site by using existing code.
  • WordPress is the most usable CMS
    On the World Web, there are 64 million websites that are based on a CMS. But not all of them use the same CMS. 43.41% of them use WordPress. The most popular websites that use WordPress are BBC America, Vogue, SonyMusic, Microsoft News, and much more.
CMS market at June 2021 | Infosoft
CMS market share at June 2021
We can describe the positive sides of WordPress much and much longer, but it's not perfect. But what are the reasons not to use it? Let's consider them.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • Beginning to use it may be difficult
    It takes some time to know how to use WordPress and how to manage your website using it. There is no drag and drop system in "vanilla" (with no plugins) WordPress, but you can find plugins with it in the plugin library of WordPress.
  • You need a lot of plugins
    WordPress may be a profitable CMS, but there is one more problem - you need many plugins to manage your website and make it better. "Vanilla" content may not be enough to create a good site.
  • Slow page loading
    Even with an enormous amount of different plugins and features, WordPress is relatively slow. Unhurried page loading may cause impatience to your audience, and you can lose business.
  • A website can quietly get down
    If you're not paying attention to your website or forget about updating or checking it - the website will go down. It may take a few hours, days, or even weeks and months to get it back, and you may lose some costs to do it, so pay attention and check it regularly if you use WordPress.


WordPress is quite a good CMS, and the number of sites made on it can prove it. But as with all CMS, it has its disadvantages. But even now, WordPress continues to be the most popular and usable CMS on the Internet. WordPress is easy to customize with an enormous repository of plug-ins and features.

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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that powers more than 40% of all websites on the internet.
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