Hire Vue.js developers in Ukraine remotely

Why you should hire Ukrainian VUE.js developers?

Three benefits of working with Ukrainian engineers.
Companies and startups around the world are looking to make IT products in developing countries. During the last 20 years, it has become an excellent business destination for opening a remote office. Let's take a look at the three main reasons for hiring engineers in Ukraine.

1. Payment for Ukrainian developers
It is enough to compare the various Vue.js developer salaries. Of course, there are differences in the level of knowledge of the English language and the region of residence. Here's the examples:

3 examples of salary calculation

Salary of Vue.js developer with any experience (Junior/Middle/Senior) & Intermediate English level is $2.5-3.5K mostly.
Let's change developers' statistics a little bit. Now, salary of developer with 2-5 years of experience (Middle) & Upper-Intermediate English level is $3.2K+.
Here's another one: salary of Vue.js developer with 5+ years of experience (Senior) & Advanced+ English level is $5K+.
Comparison of Vue.js developers by countries | Infosoft
Figure 1. Comparison of Vue.js developers by countries
2. Knowledge of English
Statistics show that 75% of Ukrainian developers speak English at least at the Intermediate+ level, above average, and more. It is a significant plus for collaboration with Western companies.

3. Education
Higher educational institutions such as KPI graduate more than 20 thousand developers a year, which is growing with each release. It is because the IT sector is constantly developing, and STEM education in Ukraine is gaining momentum.
main fact
Ukraine is a good business destination for the creation of a remote development office. There are 220K+ engineers in Ukraine, and the average salary of Vue.js engineers is $2-3K.

VUE.js as JavaScript framework

Let's consider some facts about Vue.js.
In 2014, ex-Google employee Evan Yu created the framework, worked closely with its code, fixing various bugs and promoting his creation, and already in the same year officially launched Vue.js.

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is suitable for various applications and building web interfaces. Also, the Vue.js framework can be used for mobile applications thanks to the Electron framework. Today, HTML extensions and JavaScript frameworks have already made Vue popular pretty quickly. In terms of popularity, people even compare Vue to a project like Angular.

What makes this framework popular? Here are the benefits:
  • Fast rendering and loading
  • Community forum support
  • Ease of learning
  • Concise and good documentation
  • Small size of ZIP-archive (59 KB)
  • Used by well-known companies as Zoom, GitLab, Behance, Font Awesome
Fast rendering and loading
Vue.js takes a short time to load as it weighs in at 18KB. All this contributes to the minimum expenditure of time and speed of work, which is essential for clients and allows you to get a good ranking of the Google search robot. Simple statistics based on data from Trends.BuiltWith site: At the time of writing this text, almost 1.4M sites are already based on Vue.js.

Community support
Thanks to the activity of the support forum members, the number of Vue.js tags on Stack Overflow is already more than 41 thousand. It makes Vue.js more popular every day.

Ease of learning
If you are engaged in programming to master Vue.js, you do not need much knowledge of various libraries and JSX and TypeScript, which immediately sets Vue.js apart from other frameworks and gives rise to mass use in the future. It will be enough to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to start. In addition, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, and Atom support Vue.js to make testing more simplified. If you have problems, you can use guides and tips from the Discord forum.

Brief documentation
The conciseness and clarity of the Vue.js documentation are very nicely structured and cover any Vue.js theme. In the documentation, you can easily find how to install Vue.js or how to scale Vue.js and benchmark against other JS frameworks like DOM in Vue, React.

Used by popular sites
The simplicity and usability of Vue.js have become an essential factor, and sites and brands like Facebook, Xiaomi, Adobe, Netflix have taken over Vue.js.

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Some benefits of using Vue.js include its simplicity, flexibility, and fast rendering speed.
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