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Ruby is a relatively active open-source programming language. It is very well known among professional developers and engineers for its clearness and capableness. Also, Ruby on Rails is written in Ruby - a multi-tier MVC framework for creating web applications based on a NoSQL database. Ruby on Rails is an open-source technology used to build websites. The idea of choosing Ruby engineers has become a well-known practice for companies and startups looking for an easier and quicker way to realize their ideas and technologies into a product.

Now let's look at the merits of hiring Ruby developers in Ukraine.
  • Big amount of developers
    In Eastern Europe, there are around 25,000 developers who work with Ruby. Consider on Graph 1. According to LinkedIn, 4500 of them are Ukrainians. But the number of developers is constantly changing. Ruby developers live in such big cities as Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Kharkiv. In these cities, IT software engineers are the most active in Ukraine. A lot of different meetups have been organized there. It lets junior developers improve their skills and upgrade their experience level.
  • Financial aspect
    The number of Ruby engineers is falling now, and they are highly in demand today. But, unfortunately, because of this, engineers' services prices are rising, and in the USA and Western Europe, they're the highest. For example, as the data shows - an average salary of a RoR developer in the USA is around $127K. In the UK - it's around £55K which is equal to $76K. So, finding experienced RoR developers could be costly and time-consuming. So then, companies prefer outsourcing web development to Ukraine. The IT market is growing in Ukraine and offers a wide range of services at attractive prices.
  • Team builds easily in Ukraine
    On average, it takes three months to recruit a Ruby on Rails development team of 5 developers. Depending on the requirements, this time can increase up to 4-6 months. To attract Ruby developers, any seasoned recruiter needs to know their incentives. A good salary is no longer the main thing that can attract an experienced Ruby on Rails expert in Ukraine. One of the main benefits that a professional Ruby on Rails developer can draw is the availability of complex frameworks and great technologies to learn as part of a Ruby project. Additionally, they often prefer flexibility. Many experienced Ruby developers want to participate in open source projects and have the opportunity to attend conferences and training worldwide. They are always looking to expand their technology stack and are available to collaborate with international companies.
Number of Eastern European Ruby/Ruby on Rails developers | Infosoft
Graph 1. Number of Eastern European Ruby/Ruby on Rails developers

But what are the advantages of Ruby on Rails, and why do engineers choose it?

The main advantages of Ruby/RoR

  • Cost-effective
    Ruby on Rails is 100% free and can even be launched on Linux. Also, there are many free plugins available so that it can save developers time and effort.
  • Security
    Open-source software development frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, are considered highly secure, and this is often quite true. Rails (particularly its latest versions, starting from 4.0) offers a number of built-in tools for fending off the vast majority of threats.
  • Code is easy to change
    You can easily add changes, features or modify existing code even when your site is already launched.
  • Large community
    Despite the fact that Ruby's popularity is declining, it has a good community of experts that can be consulted on the forums.
  • Flexibility
    Web applications take advantage of the external and internal capabilities of Rails; they are simpler and easier to create.
  • Library of free plugins
    The large number of free plugins, called "gems", is another advantage of Ruby on Rails. Working with it, you can customize your website for any business need.
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