.NET framework - salaries, pros and cons

The .NET framework is the most popular technology platform for developing web-based applications. The framework provides a standard programming model that supports object-oriented and event-driven programming. It has been used to develop complex applications and services on Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

The popularity of the .NET framework comes from its simplicity and functionality. The framework was developed for several versions of Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server R2, and newer versions of Microsoft operating systems.

The latest version of the .NET Framework 4.8 was released in 2022 by Microsoft Corporation. This version has many new features that previous framework versions did not have. The .NET framework has been an enormous success and has helped developers take advantage of the latest innovations in the software world. .NET is an open-source, cross-platform framework that helps developers build applications faster and use fewer resources.

The .NET framework has been around for a while, but it's not mature enough to handle all types of applications. However, some advanced features make .Net programming more attractive than other languages such as Java or Python. One is its ability to use objects as intermediaries between classes and values. This makes it possible to directly encapsulate data using types instead of strings or numbers.

.NET is a programming language to develop applications, websites, and software. It is an open-source platform that can be used by developers of all skill levels.

Pros and cons of the .NET framework

Object-oriented software development
.NET is based on the object-oriented programming model (or OOP). It is a programming model built around the idea of dividing software development into smaller parts to facilitate the management and consolidation of project tasks. This method separates data into objects (data fields) and uses class declarations to describe the behavior and contents of the entities.

The modular structure of this OOP project allows developers to define interactions between objects without having to manage their internal attributes. This makes development easier in the long run because the code is easier to test, more manageable, and more responsive to issues. Using the OOP model in .NET development also helps eliminate excessive or unnecessary coding to make it easier for developers and save development time and costs.
Cross-platform project
.NET Core lets you run code on Windows, macOS, and Linux. While the original .NET platform was not completely open and did not allow for this kind of cross-compatibility, .NET Core is entirely open source to allow the extension of use cases within the development community. Code written in .NET, from C# to Visual Basic, will run on any compatible operating system, allowing businesses to run across multiple platforms without leaving the ecosystem.
Simplified maintenance and flexible deployment
Simplicity is one of the main advantages of .NET development. It is easy to install as part of the application or as a separate installation. The modular design of the platform includes all the necessary dependencies, so the deployment itself is as simple as copying a folder. In addition, multiple versions of .NET Core can run concurrently on the same machine, making it easy to work on different projects and complete tasks.

As a leader in technology, Microsoft has built a complete and consistent ecosystem for developers, and they are working hard to keep up with the times. Active support for the .NET platform and new updates and releases make development easier.
High cost of use
Despite all the advantages, .NET is quite expensive to use. The Visual Studio IDE component, as well as additional quality assurance services and collaboration tools, can make the prices of products rise. Even though .NET Core can be used on Mac and Linux devices, Windows for .NET engineering does come with additional licensing prices. Microsoft Partners gain access to some of these subscriptions for free. Educational establishments and non-profits receive free access to the Visual Studio Community.
A leak of memory
Among engineers and developers, .NET is known as the framework that consumes enormously huge amounts of memory and sometimes can be too demanding. The program doesn't release the memory that it doesn't need anymore. Because of this defection, .NET can be bypassed.

How much do Ukrainian .NET developers earn?

Dynamics of Ukrainian .NET developers' salaries - Juniors, Middles and Seniors
Graph 1. Salaries of Ukrainian .NET developers
In the moment of July 2022, in an interview with around 15,000 Ukrainian engineers information about .NET engineers' salaries was obtained. How you can see in Graph 1, Junior developers have the smallest of these three: only $1000 a month. The next ones are Middle devs with an average salary of $2600 per month. The biggest income has the most number of .NET engineers - Seniors. Their salary equals about $4875 a month.

Salaries of .NET engineers worldwide

.NET average engineers salaries in Ukraine, US, Germany, UK and Poland
Graph 2. Salaries of .NET engineers worldwide (USA, UK, Germany, Poland) in comparison with Ukrainian average salary (monthly)
Now, to compare Ukrainian salaries of .NET engineers with salaries from other countries, we decided to choose four of them as examples to compare: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, as the countries with a big amount of experienced and talented coders, and Poland as the country similar to Ukraine.

The highest prices for .NET engineers are in the United States because the number of experienced developers is the biggest here. The prices in Ukraine and Poland are almost the same because of similarities in timezone and the location of developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some pros of using .NET framework include its compatibility with various programming languages, its robustness, and its large developer community.
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