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ZibraAI Plugin is the first in a series of plugins for real-time simulation of substances and interaction with objects of complex shapes. The plugin has already been publicly released on the marketplaces for the Unity3D and Unreal Engine game cores. This is the first step in creating a platform independent solution for easy integration into any other game engine.

The startup ZibraAI was launched in 2020. It was the result of the successful application of machine learning in 3D modeling. During the experiment, the idea arose to develop technology that would allow creating tools that would simplify the process of creating a game.

Zibra AI team
Zibra AI team
The goal of ZibraAI is to take 3D data processing to a new level thanks to artificial intelligence. The latter improves the physical plausibility of the game, improves graphics and generates 3D content. Thanks to this, visual effects such as water, fire, smoke, steam and others become more realistic and at the same time the development process is accelerated and improved. As a result of AI, gamers get a personalized gaming experience.

"The video game industry needs innovation and the latest solutions to speed up, improve and automate the process of working with 3D data while reducing the overall cost of creating 3D content. That's exactly what ZibraAI does. Our plugins improve the visuals and increase the performance of any video game, even the one in the smartphone."
Alex Petrenko
CEO of ZibraAI
In August 2021, the startup announced the release of the cross-platform plugin called Zibra Liquids. It allows running a fluid simulation with the correct physical parameters in real time.

Features of Zibra Liquids:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface. The main focus is on providing users with the smoothest transition to new technology. It only takes a few clicks inside the game engine to adjust the fluid and see the desired results.

  • Simulation in real time. The technology, which works on the GPU, allows you to simulate several million particles on high-performance equipment, hundreds of thousands on laptops, and tens of thousands on mobile devices. It delivers real-time CG-level physical and visual quality and best-in-class game performance.

  • Visual and physical presets. The technology allows real-time switching between physical and visual parameters (stiffness, ultimate strength, opacity, etc.). For this, users will not have to make complex settings. The solution is available simply "out of the box".

  • Gravity management. Everything, even gravity, is under the control of users. This feature provides new ideas for game mechanics. Users can approach game development from a completely different creative angle.

  • Accelerated AI interaction with complex objects. Machine learning technology allows you to create a neural SDF representation of any geometry and use it as a collider for liquids.

  • Force interaction (new game mechanics and new gameplay). Allows you to use liquids as game elements. The function affects the appearance of the game. It is also necessary to create realistic simulations of liquids that can affect objects.
The latest product, published in December 2022 in the ZibraAI ecosystem leverages custom physics simulations and the same object rendering technology applied in Zibra Liquids, giving game developers even more ways to enhance their gameplay with physically accurate real-time smoke and fire.

The technology creates photorealistic 3D simulations that appear natural in virtual worlds and can request:

Dynamic visual effects and interactive environments (burning flames, magic spells, explosion effects, moving objects in fire and smoke, fire and smoke characters and elements, clouds and fog, glowing smoke plumes, etc.), realistic game mechanics (fireballs, smoke control based puzzles, fire extinguishing, etc.), industrial applications and VR training.

By hard work and high achievements, ZibraAI have been selected as an Epic MegaGrant recipient in December 2022.

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ZibraAI is a Ukrainian startup that develops AI-driven solutions for the gaming industry. ZibraAI offers game developers tools to help them better understand their players and optimize their games accordingly.
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