Most popular programming languages in 2022

In the world, there exist hundreds of different programming languages. Every of them is different, some are used more than others, some are not. In this article, we'll analyze which languages are the most popular and used by Ukrainian and world engineers and compare the results of surveys to each other.

JavaScript - one of the oldest programming languages, never loses its place. Being the most used, JS has beaten the top and took first place. To be exact, JavaScript is used by 18.8% of Ukrainian engineers this year. Popularity of this language is most likely caused by its universality - JavaScript can be used in the front-end and back-end at the same time. In addition, JS is supported by most web-browsers and is easy to learn for beginners.

The next member of our top-list is C# with 14.7% of usage. It's mostly used in the game-dev industry, desktop and mobile apps development and back-end. Developed by Microsoft, C# is object-oriented and multi-purpose at the same time. From the words of the developers, C# is quite easy to explore and discover for beginners, due to having a lot in common with Java, the "bronze prizer" of the top-3.

Java, one of the oldest programming languages, is known all over the world, and is a tool for 14.3% of Ukrainian programmers. Used in a huge amount of fields of activities like desktop and mobile app development, web-development, game-dev, QA automation and many more! Also Java is preferred by beginners because of its simplicity, big libraries and frameworks, cross-platform function and huge community.

Python is known all over the world as beginner-friendly PL. It has 11.2% of usage among Ukrainian developers as a main programming language. But in a lot of cases, Python is used as a secondary one. Here are the numbers: 11.2% of engineers use it as their main PL, and 12.1% prefer to make it their secondary..

PHP being a quite stable PL, holds 5th place in top. At the moment, it's used by 10,6% of Ukrainian programmers. This result is quite average and stable for PHP: in 2020 usage of it was around 10,8% and it hasn't changed much nowadays. But still, PHP is a strong rival for other languages.

Now, when we have an information about PLs, we can look at their results worldwide and compare them. Due to that, we made a graphic table with top tier of programming languages and their popularity in Ukraine.
Most used programming languages in Ukraine in 2022
In addition, we can say that most programming languages are getting more and more popular, except for C++, Python and especially Java, which proceeds to "falling down" in demand for 6 years(2016 - 26.2%; 2022 - 14.3%). Unlike these three, TypeScript rises quickly, beating Kotlin and Swift. (2018 - 2.0%; 2020 - 4.5%; 2022 - 10.4%).

Now, let us compare the Ukrainian rating of the most popular programming languages to the worldwide one. But first, we'll show you the worldwide rating of the most famous PLs.
Most used programming languages worldwide in 2022
As we can see, the results are quite different. Positions of languages are different, but we can see some similarities. For example: Python, JS and Java are in the top-5 in both tables. TypeScript is 6th in both tables. It means that TypeScript is going, most likely, to have a place in top-5 PLs. On the other hand, there are a bunch of differences. It gives an opportunity to find an engineer, who works with less popular PL in the world, but much more used one in Ukraine.

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Python, Java and C++.
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