Augmented Pixels - story of success

A little preamble or who is Vitaliy Goncharuk

"At the absolute starting point, I was programming and trained in applied sciences. From that point on, I lived for six years in business and considered the field of authoritative management." - says Goncharuk.

Vitaliy had his first startup at school. The program collected news from websites and sent them via SMS via mobile gates. The mailing list had about 13,000 subscribers. This was in 2000.

Vitaliy Goncharuk studied at the lyceum and at the main educational institutions of the college. At the same time, he worked in an organization where they were doing a project for Nokia. In 2001 they made Instant Messenger for mobile phones in the light of ICQ - one of the first on the planet.
Vitaliy Goncharuk
Vitaliy Goncharuk

The beginning of AP

In 2009, Vitaly created a redistribution organization, which has grown to 15 people. In its composition, they received a related request in the field of augmented reality.
"Also in 2010, I decided to isolate and create an organization that would represent a significant authority in expanding the computing experience." - says Vitaly Goncharuk.
We started by taking a few orders and working through them to ensure that the core licensed innovations remain in our organization. In light of this, they began to grow further.

By the time the investment was raised, Augmented Pixels was already generating cache. They closed a deal with AVentures Capital and Torben Maygaard (Founder and CEO of Ciklum - ed.), who became the first investors. In total, they invested about $500,000.

In 2015, the company received $1 million in funding from The Hive, an American foundation. This allowed Augmented Pixels to be considered an American company. The main office of the company is located in the States, and partial development is preserved in Ukraine. The company now employs up to 30 employees.
Augemented Pixels and The Hive logos
It is surprising that the Augmented Pixels team considers the startup as having Ukrainian roots, since the founder, i.e. Vitaliy Goncharuk, is from Ukraine. And most of the team too. But AP is an American company, because the investors are from America, the staff is partly from America, and it is located in America. It would be strange to consider yourself a Ukrainian company in such conditions.

According to Vitaly, everyone who comes to America becomes an American company.
A product is not only the result of the work of programmers, but also marketers, sales specialists, etc. Ukraine's specialization is only programming.

On January 17, American giant Qualcomm, a software and chip maker, bought Ukrainian Augmented Pixels. The amount of money was not named, but Vitaliy Goncharuk himself confirmed the sale of the startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented Pixels is a Ukrainian tech company that develops AR solutions.
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