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At the beginning, three software developers Nikolai Palienko, Denis Gorovoy and Taras Murashko started coding a fresh plan in their free time. After that, they decided to spend their own wages on advertising. After a while, a profile foreign trader came to them himself and bought out a share for about a million dollars. team

  • Nikolai Palienko
  • Denis Gorovoy
  • Taras Murashko
The Prom team did not have a long-range planning horizon. They would like to create a product that would be popular in the market and make money, and get out of the comfort zone "we work with programmers and write some projects for someone". On the one hand, the expectations were firmly justified, everything that they actually expected at the beginning, they achieved a couple of years ago.

In 2008, there were no start-ups in the industry as such. At the moment, traders have a problem finding an important plan, and during this time there was a decline in America, and Ukrainian websites were not enough for anyone. The team, among other things, did not assess the likelihood of finding an investor, and they simply did everything themselves with their own savings.

After some time, traders contacted the team. It is worth saying that for Allegro this was one of the first venture plans, they usually do not invest in plans at such an early stage, but acquire an adult market favorite business.

Subsequently, they met together to create a business plan, since they did not have a ready intention. On its basis, they designated the necessary amount of the transaction, the funds that were necessary to implement this business plan and reach self-sufficiency.

Another notable feature is, as mentioned earlier, the inaccessibility of traders at the beginning of a startup. All the funds invested in the plan were from Palienok, Gorovoy and Goosebumps themselves. They put their own savings into the plan. By now, a certain amount of tens of thousands had been spent on marketing. When they first met, the plan was six months old. The collusion irrevocably ended after 8-9 months. The plan during this time was similar in essence to the one that is actually at the moment, but elementarily smaller in scale. They had within 50 paying customers and some tens of thousands of free ones.

Confidence came to Nikolai Palienko from the stage of launching the plan. As he himself says, he is displeasedly aware of where it came from, but it strongly helped to move forward. Moreover, the team believed in what they would actually do when traders were seriously interested in them.

But who are these "they" or "team"? Almost at the beginning, everyone in the team divided their roles: Taras Murashko worked more as a programmer, after which he became a technical director. Denis Gorovoy had the skill of selling goods and was more aware of Internet marketing. As a result, he became responsible for the product and marketing. And Nikolai, as the most experienced in development, began to manage everything else. However, at first they simply traded in development, then their roles gradually began to be divided more and more. office office building
Prom currently employs approximately 600 people. There is a huge sales and customer support department. The biggest efforts are directed to 2 big markets, Ukraine and Russia. The number of firms that pay them funds is approaching 20,000, and this requires significant human resources.

Actually, regarding the states in which the marketplace operates, it operates in 4 leading states: Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Another product was translated into Turkish, Spanish, Polish and English. There are also plans in Turkey, India and Latin America. At their Prom, it is still developing.

The main office is located in Kiev, and there are also representatives in Moscow. There is also a giant dealer network in most large settlements in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

And of course, like other plans, this situation has its own rivals. In B2B it is, on the trading floors it is Aukro, in Rozetka stores, the offers are strong, apart from them, only bulletin boards.

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