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What is Magento?

Magento is perhaps the most refined eCommerce platform introduced in 2008 for online business owners. Built on open source technology and written in PHP, it allows the users to have access to free, flexible, and simple-to-use software. It makes use of several other PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laminas.

The core benefits that make Magento development a leading advanced digital solution for eCommerce innovation include built-in upsells and cross-sells, easy third-party integration, filter search for shoppers, and a flexible Magento shopping carts system. Besides, it is quite powerful and spacious to support up to 500,000 products on one Magento website.

In other words, making full use of Magento SEO friendliness makes it possible for the merchants to stand in the competition with the rise in the number of site visitors and overall revenue. Besides, this also helps the website rank on the top of search engines, making it easy for visitors to access products and services. Some of the top suggested SEO practices for Magento store are utilizing header and title tags, eliminating duplicate content, keeping the URLs short, harnessing no-follow links, and many more.

What are the benefits of Magento?

  • Free and open-source platform
    Magento is known as a powerful and flexible CMS, which is easy to use because it's free and open-source. You can use one of three editions of Magento, namely the Community edition. This edition is totally free to use and it has an open-source core, which makes Magento more flexible and customizable.
  • Active community and support
    Magento has a big and active community which can help you if you face some issues. There's a lot of active and enthusiastic developers.
  • High scalability
    Magento's great scalability allows you to make your site more full of content. You can switch to a more powerful and sophisticated version of Magento, when your site becomes profitable enough.
  • Great customization
    You can design your site on your own by adding different elements and features. Also it allows you to add payment, shipment and language options to make your site better and more comfortable to users.
  • Fast page loading
    Quick page loading is an important option nowadays. Without it, users would leave your site before the page loads. But with Magento, you can forget about this problem. It makes your site much faster and productive, so your site's pages will load quicker.
  • Ability to control multiple pages at once
    One of the most unusual and special abilities of Magento is its ability to control and manage multiple pages or even websites at a single admin panel.
  • Reliable security system
    High-security level and data protection are some of the basic and important features that any site must-have. Magento allows you to add multi-level security permissions like CAPTCHA and PCI
  • More than 186 000 live websites are built on Magento.
  • As an eCommerce platform, it holds third place. (8% eCommerce usage distribution)
  • Now, Magento holds 1,0% of websites made on CMS.
  • Magento holds more than $155 billion worth of transactions each year.
Usage of websites made on CMSs in 2021 (in percents)
Magento is an object-oriented PHP-based CMS that is appointed to make strong and usable eCommerce websites to engage users. Being one of the outstanding platforms with state-of-the-art aspects, it is expected to develop in the future. It is why the requirement for Magento developers has always continued to be considered in recent years and has now achieved more than 300,000 developers worldwide in 2021.

As the need for Magento commerce is not going anywhere, the obligations or vacancies for Magento engineers in all parts of the world are supposed to witness an important hike.

There were 23 million programmers in 2018, and it is supposed to reach 29 million by 2024. It is caused by consistent inclination in eCommerce development. If the tendency continues to bloom in the same way, the world would have around forty million developers by 2030.

As you see, numbers of JavaScript, Java, and PHP (which is the base for Magento) have the biggest influence on the software and the eCommerce world.

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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online stores and manage their sales and operations.
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