Remote office assistance
A product for those who are looking for IT professionals:
In-house direct contracting, remote, hiring assistance & accounting.
Three pillars to confidently expand your IT team. Direct contract with Ukrainian engineers. Control your processes as you are used to.
Three processes - One product
Sourcing & Screening
First stage. Collect requirements for the engineer, project description, project length, benefits for the engineer.
Selection of qualified candidates
Interview with a Client
Selected&vetted candidates are interviewed according to the Customer's funnel. We organize the process comfortably
Document Flow, Accounting
Candidate selected, launch!
Our powerful and secure accounting system covers all processes: filling out and signing locally compliant employment contracts, invoices, payroll, taxes, travel expenses, insurance, etc.
Pricing plans
Plans differ mainly in vacancy closing time and IT-professionals audience capacity we work with
  • Full control over the workflow
  • Ongoing Sourcing & Screening
  • Interview arrangement
  • 1 hire per mo
  • Access to Infosoft Competence Center
  • Payroll, taxes accounting
  • Locally compliant documents assistance
$295 / mo / employee
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  • + All in Turbo Basic
  • Audience hack: Up to 65k engineers
  • Up to 5 hires per mo
Additional one-time fee 69%
of first mo salary (per hire)
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Also, the Client will receive fresh CVs!
We are in a permanent progressive search for candidates starting from Basic. While you are thinking about further team extension, the waitlist is growing
Let's figure out with an example...
A cost comparison for 1 year. Senior .NET engineer.
Case #1: in Ukraine (including Advanced plan)
Case #2: in California (including recruitment fee)
Payroll (&Taxes) + Infosoft's fee: 5500$x12mo+3795$+295$x12mo
Case #1: Senior .NET engineer in Ukraine
Payroll + Recruitment fee: 10000$x12mo+(10000$x12mo)x15%
Case #2: Senior .NET engineer in California
Clients savings during 1 year
Ok, what do we need to get started?
1. You must provide us with a detailed description of the requirements for engineers and a description of the project.
2. We must sign a contract and immediately get access to the Infosoft Competence Center as well.
How detailed should I disclose information about the project?
Sufficient for the engineer to make a decision to consider the vacancy and work long-term.
What are my risks?
Business-model are described in detail and you control the processes in full measure.
And do not forget - in any tariff plan, we are permanently looking for IT-professionals.
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Let's discuss your needs. And we will tell you how we can help. Without obligations.